Friday, September 16, 2011

Your pay was cut in the last 60 days – worldwide ponzi collapse accelerates

In our first installment of “how worthless is your cash” we learned if you are paid in fiat paper, from November 2009 until the date of the article (March 28 2011), EVERYBODY got a secret pay cut. The winners being the Australians whose purchasing power was cut by only 24%.

In todays addition we’ll look at the last 60 days. The worldwide ponzi collapse is accelerating and to see how fast all you need to watch is how quickly EVERYONE is devaluing their currency. Look at the graph below and notice the freefall after July 1 2011.

The Australians had devalued their currency less than everyone else when we last checked, ready to see the rest?





New Zealand


United States

Cash is trash and the process is accelerating. The longer you hold it the more worthless it becomes! Time is NOT your friend! Protect your purchasing power NOW. Buy silver (and gold). Remember every time you hear gold went up, it is really your cash going down.

(original September 8, 2011)

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