Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worldwide ponzi collapse stage 2 - preparation and what to expect

We've now entered stage two of the worldwide ponzi collapse and while the exact time of the economic collapse is a mystery, we do know one thing:

History tells us (in general terms) what to expect

In the past, economic collapse in one nation has led to:
  • No utilities - unpaid (or paid in worthless money) workers don't work
  • No security - same as above except it is the police, fire dept., etc.
  • No food - store shelves are empty
  • No fuel
This time it will be a worldwide economic collapse.

The combination of no security and no food leads to a breakdown of the social structure. The time to prepare is now. As reported by the trader on the BBC, we've twelve months to prepare - he may have been optimistic (plan on it).

First thing you should concentrate on is food. When the worldwide ponzi does collapse, food distribution will be interrupted for up to six months. You will need to build up a food supply while remembering there will be no power or fuel. Cooking may prove problematic. For this reason you may wish to consider dehydrated food. As adding one cup of boiling water "cooks" the food, the fuel/power needs are minimal. If you have land, plant a garden.

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Next you will want to preserve as much wealth as you can by transferring it to real money. As we've previously documented in "Your pay was cut in the last 60 days – worldwide ponzi collapse accelerates", there are no safe currencies. The only real money is gold and silver. The longer you wait, the more it will cost you. - Buy Gold & Silver Mike Maloney's site

Power and fuel needs can be met several ways. (the company below) offers solar powered battery chargers that will power virtually any small electronic device.

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All of your preparation will mean nothing if you can't protect your family. As police may be unavailable, you'll need your own weapon and ammunition. This suggestion is not made lightly! Whatever your opinion of where you live, it is going to get ugly - fast.

The above selection is just an example of one person protection. Visit the Impact Guns Home Page for the largest selection of firearms (including machine guns) and ammunition on the web. If they don't have it, you don't need it.

If you life anywhere on the planet where it gets cold enough to kill, heat is going to be as important as food and protection. As with food, interruption of the distribution system will create hardship. One way to provide power without relying on anyone else is solar.

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Solar Generator - No fuel, moving parts, or exhaust (sits inside your home)

Don't forget to stock up on soap, tooth paste, and toilet paper (your currency may be worthless but it is also small). Whomever you live with will appreciate it.


  1. Okay, okay, I'll bite. Now are you going to empower others to do as you have suggested or you going to stand over your land (not much to start with) with you're shotgun. Let me remind you, this is basically what happen after Katrina, Black people not even doing anything were shot by wannna-be Militia White Males protecting their "area" utter-nonsense.

    This is the social break-down that most of you wish for. The problem is, you don't have enough bullets and you're massively outnumbered by the population at large. When others decided to take what you won't share willingly, you'll lose.

  2. Firstly Anthony, as a new Grandfather, the last thing I want is this worldwide ponzi collapse. What we want however, is totally irrelevant! The die is cast and the ponzi(s) will collapse. Our choice at this point is simple (prepare or not).

    Insofar as "empowering" others, that is the very reason this blog was started - to provide my friends and family a "heads up" and access to "tools".

    A previous post - contained this last paragraph:

    "Finally, when they start laying off your local police force, the only security on your street in your neighborhood will be what you have set up in advance with your neighbors. You may want to get to know them, NOW."