Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worldwide ponzi collapse stage 2 - preparation and what to expect

We've now entered stage two of the worldwide ponzi collapse and while the exact time of the economic collapse is a mystery, we do know one thing:

History tells us (in general terms) what to expect

In the past, economic collapse in one nation has led to:
  • No utilities - unpaid (or paid in worthless money) workers don't work
  • No security - same as above except it is the police, fire dept., etc.
  • No food - store shelves are empty
  • No fuel
This time it will be a worldwide economic collapse.

The combination of no security and no food leads to a breakdown of the social structure. The time to prepare is now. As reported by the trader on the BBC, we've twelve months to prepare - he may have been optimistic (plan on it).

First thing you should concentrate on is food. When the worldwide ponzi does collapse, food distribution will be interrupted for up to six months. You will need to build up a food supply while remembering there will be no power or fuel. Cooking may prove problematic. For this reason you may wish to consider dehydrated food. As adding one cup of boiling water "cooks" the food, the fuel/power needs are minimal. If you have land, plant a garden.

FOOD and GOLD, Double Barrel Defense from the CollTry 6 meals FREE

Next you will want to preserve as much wealth as you can by transferring it to real money. As we've previously documented in "Your pay was cut in the last 60 days – worldwide ponzi collapse accelerates", there are no safe currencies. The only real money is gold and silver. The longer you wait, the more it will cost you. - Buy Gold & Silver Mike Maloney's site

Power and fuel needs can be met several ways. (the company below) offers solar powered battery chargers that will power virtually any small electronic device.

5% off entire order at

All of your preparation will mean nothing if you can't protect your family. As police may be unavailable, you'll need your own weapon and ammunition. This suggestion is not made lightly! Whatever your opinion of where you live, it is going to get ugly - fast.

The above selection is just an example of one person protection. Visit the Impact Guns Home Page for the largest selection of firearms (including machine guns) and ammunition on the web. If they don't have it, you don't need it.

If you life anywhere on the planet where it gets cold enough to kill, heat is going to be as important as food and protection. As with food, interruption of the distribution system will create hardship. One way to provide power without relying on anyone else is solar.

From $49.97 (20 watts) to $439.27 (320 watts)
Solar Generator - No fuel, moving parts, or exhaust (sits inside your home)

Don't forget to stock up on soap, tooth paste, and toilet paper (your currency may be worthless but it is also small). Whomever you live with will appreciate it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Goldman Sachs rules the world - Part Deux BBC video

In our first installment "Robert Kiyosaki – Why buy silver – Goldman Sachs rules the world", Robert Kiyosaki explained how Goldman Sachs rules the world. Today, courtesy of the BBC, a trader explains that Europe is done, the stock market is done and people have maybe twelve months to get ready.

Of course he points out that Goldman Sachs rules the world. I'd ignore his treasury/USD advise though. - Gold & Silver Investing News

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Social Security is worse than a ponzi

Calling Social Security a ponzi is an insult to every ponzi. A ponzi, by comparison, only takes from those who choose to join. Stefan Molyneux explains in this video:

Wall Steet occupation - live feed and Michael Moore

Keith Olbermann interviews Michael Moore about the continuing, albeit unreported by the presstitutes, occupation of Wall Street. Glad someone is talking about it.

In case you want to see for yourself, here's a live feed of the Wall Street Occupation:

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today only - FDA represses cancer cures

Free preview (last day today) shows how the FDA has repressed cancer cures for decades. Some highlights:

Pap smear was repressed for 29 years

Ronald Reagan received cancer treatment in Mexico

Several premising cancer cures are currently being repressed

Watch Cut Poison Burn thru Sept 24: The Great Cancer Hoax.

Wall Street occupation continues, and is ignored by presstitutes

As the occupation of Wall Street continues, Keith Olbermann wonders why the mass media (presstitutes) ignores it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paid by silver, by gold or by fiat - a historical comparison

What if you had started a new job in 2001 and had been given the choice to be paid by silver, paid by gold, or paid in fiat? Let's take a look from 2001 to 2010.

This chart is comparing paid by fiat (US dollar) versus paid by silver using a raise of 3% a year. The paid by silver fiat equivalent adjustment was calculated using January historical silver price average for each year.

YearWorker One (paid by fiat)Worker Two (paid by silver)Fiat Equivalent
2001$1000214.59 ounces$1000
2002$1030221.03 ounces$994.64
2003$1060.90227.66 ounces$1095.04
2004$1092.73234.49 ounces$1477.10
2005$1125.51241.52 ounces$1596.45
2006$1159.28248.77 ounces$2276.25
2007$1194.06256.23 ounces$3289.99
2008$1229.88263.92 ounces$4212.16
2009$1266.77271.84 ounces$3069.07
2010$1304.77280 ounces$4981.20

Note our paid by silver worker had two down years, 2002 and 2009. Note also that the paid by silver worker ends up earning almost 500% more than the "fiat" worker over 10 years. A paid by gold worker would have earned less than the paid by silver worker but paid by gold is infinitely preferable to paid by fiat.

Union leaders could actually offer up the workers at no raise, as long as the workers are paid by silver or paid by gold the raise is built in.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Income tax theft- Billionaire versus Joe Six Pack

Income tax is theft of the poor, middle class, and small business to reward the rich and large corporations. Through the use of "tax breaks" the rich and large corporations take advantages that Joe Six Pack and the small business can't, by design, qualify for. "Tax breaks" are just piles of useless paperwork to the poor, middle class, and the small business.

How is this theft by design? Consider the fictional case of the billionaire versus Joe Six Pack. Let us assume Joe earns the median American household income of $46,000 and the billionaire earns $1,000,000 a year which is about average for someone with $10 billion in assets. How can income tax treat the two fairly? Joe earns $884.62 a week before taxes while the billionaire earns $19230.77 a week.

How could anyone ever devise a way to make their tax burdens fair? It gets worse. Joe has no assets, only debt. The bank owns his house, his car, and whatever he bought on credit. The billionaire has $10 billion in assets, which if they're even remotely competent, are earning 10% a year or $1,000,000,000. If they were smart enough to buy silver, they'd be earning $8.9 billion a year (on average) for the last ten years (but I digress).

If you tax the billionaires salary at 100% it's only 1% of what the billionaire earned that year. ANY tax on Joe Six Pack is exponentially more damaging. A 10% tax on Joe is 10% of everything he earned that year. If we tax the billionaire at 10% of everything earned (as opposed to just salary) that would be more fair.

To be truly fair you would tax based on wealth. In the above example, Joe has no wealth, only salary and a debt which exceeds it. He would pay NO TAX. If we taxed the billionaire at just 5% of his wealth, that's $500,000,000. Want to guess how many of us (Joe) that it taxes to make up for this income tax gift to billionaires?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The stock market - death of 1000 cuts

Why would I compare the stock market to a slow and painful death? As we've already documented in Worldwide race to debase all paper currency, From November 2009 until now – how worthless is your cash, and Your pay was cut in the last 60 days – worldwide ponzi collapse accelerates, your purchasing power has been steadily eroded (for decades) and the process is accelerating.

This theft by devaluing currency gives the investor a false view of the stock market. Here is the graph of the New York Sock Exchange they want you to watch:

Looks like you've been making money, doesn't it? This is not accounting for the devaluation of the fiat these stocks are measured in. Let's look at the same stock exchange priced in natures economic thermostat, gold:

As you can see, the stock market has been consistently loosing value since September of 2009. Looks like what chart readers call a "head and shoulders" pattern which means a massive correction is imminent.

In case you think it's just one exchange, here's the NASDAQ and S and P:

For those of you who don't believe the worldwide ponzi collapse is worldwide, here's the CAC, the DAX, and the FTSE:

It's not just America and Europe either. Here's Canada, Hong Kong, Bombay, and Brazil.

For those of you who believe China can stop the worldwide ponzi collapse, here's Shanghai:

As you can see it is irrelevant which country, company, culture or currency. It's death by a 1000 cuts to investors in the stock market. The only way out is to protect your purchasing power before it is bled away. Buy gold and silver. As time passes, you'll be able to buy less and less until your fiat is worthless. If you still like stocks, ask yourself this:

Every chart looks identical after June of this year, does that look like a free market or central control?

Ultimate Year Supply

Friday, September 16, 2011

Professor Dr. Cornell West - Speak the Truth

Dr. Cornel West is one person you can count on to speak the truth. I've run one of his interviews before (Obama is Wall Streets' black mascot). Some of his pearls of wisdom in this video include:

If you don’t talk about poverty, you’re not telling the truth

If you’re not talking about working people being pushed against the wall, with corporate profits high, you’re not telling the truth

If you’re not talking about the criminal activity on Wall Street and not one person gone to jail yet, you’re not telling the truth

The "niggerization" of America started on 9/11

Freeze Dried Food

Gold and Silver ROI in one year – just the facts

Your return on investment (ROI) for one year if you invested in gold and/or silver are displayed in the graphs below.

When some presstitute tells you gold and silver are in a bubble, simple show them the ten year charts. - Buy Gold & Silver

Your pay was cut in the last 60 days – worldwide ponzi collapse accelerates

In our first installment of “how worthless is your cash” we learned if you are paid in fiat paper, from November 2009 until the date of the article (March 28 2011), EVERYBODY got a secret pay cut. The winners being the Australians whose purchasing power was cut by only 24%.

In todays addition we’ll look at the last 60 days. The worldwide ponzi collapse is accelerating and to see how fast all you need to watch is how quickly EVERYONE is devaluing their currency. Look at the graph below and notice the freefall after July 1 2011.

The Australians had devalued their currency less than everyone else when we last checked, ready to see the rest?





New Zealand


United States

Cash is trash and the process is accelerating. The longer you hold it the more worthless it becomes! Time is NOT your friend! Protect your purchasing power NOW. Buy silver (and gold). Remember every time you hear gold went up, it is really your cash going down.

(original September 8, 2011)

Mike Maloney – Debt collapse and $20,000 an ounce gold

Watch the video below for the most important information you will hear THIS YEAR! This is not hyperbole. Mike Maloney explains why we can expect gold to reach $20000 an ounce and how the current financial system is failing. He’ll also explain why silver is THE INVESTMENT of the DECADE.

This is the most important video you’ll watch THIS YEAR! As the video runs an hour and a half, you may want to bookmark this post. - Buy Gold & Silver

(original August 20, 2011)

Silver sale almost over due to imminent worldwide ponzi collapse

You’ve noticed EVERY market is down EVERYWHERE. Asian, European and North American markets are panicked. Not to worry, the ECB and the G7 (soon the US FED) are going to fix everything. Here’s their options:

1. Print – devalue your currency.
2. Borrow – increase the debt ponzi
3. Steal – asset confiscation/nationalization

How do you keep everything you’ve worked for out of the coming worldwide ponzi collapse? First, they’re not going to let it collapse quickly (if they can avoid it), they’ll print. While this means paper assets will increase nominally, it is a temporary and inflationary. No real wealth creation takes place. The worldwide ponzi collapse cannot be printed over. Current derivatives exposure is estimated to be over $1.5 Quadrillion! All of it is bad debt that cannot be repaid, unless you like the idea debt slavery for your children and grand children.

Second, your leaders – aren’t! Prepare yourselves. Paper assets will be worthless, you need to convert to real money that cannot be debased. Gold and silver will skyrocket every time they print (and will go parabolic at collapse). Do not accept paper substitutes, ETFs, only gold and silver in your hand is an asset.

Third, plant a garden and build up a 6 month food supply. When they print food prices will inflate, after the worldwide ponzi collapse food distribution networks will be interrupted.

Finally, when they start laying off your local police force, the only security on your street in your neighborhood will be what you have set up in advance with your neighbors. You may want to get to know them, now.

(original August 8, 2011)

What your government sells to pay debt is you.

A government in debt needs collateral to secure loans. Can you guess what? Not content with selling the current generation into debt slavery, they’re now working on enslaving (through debt) your children and grandchildren!

(original August 1, 2011)

If you live in Japan – You need to watch this video

It’s time to leave or learn to fly. This video shows what the Japanese government and media (presstitutes) will not. Watch the geiger counter climb once its is set upon the ground!

(original June 8, 2011)

Silver breaks $45 then $46 an ounce – Sunday should be fun

Silver is now entering the next phase. The curve is starting to accelerate. Starting this Sunday night, expect Silver to appreciate rapidly as everything else deflates compared to silver and gold.
If you haven’t already converted that soon to be worthless toilet paper (formerly know as cash, bonds, stocks,ETFs, etc.), time is running out. Buy silver.

 (original April 24, 2011)

Silver breaks $44 an ounce

Silver passed $44 an ounce (currently $44.63). If you invested in silver at the start of this year, congratulations, you’ve achieved a 50% ROI (return on investment) in under 4 months. Buy silver.

(original April 20, 2011)

Silver breaks $43 an ounce – Lets get physical

The closing price for silver this week is $43.05 an ounce. Don’t accept a bankster promise of silver, get physical silver now. Even CNBC is (slowly) starting to get it.

(original April 16, 2011)

E-Trade Baby – one day soon

One day soon in the life of the E-Trade Baby.

(original April 15, 2011)

Silver breaks $42 an ounce

Silver is over $42 an ounce (currently $42.28) amid rumours of nationalization by Bolivia of its silver mines. Buy silver while you still can.

(original April 15, 2011)

Silver breaks $41 an ounce overnight.

Another record high overnight as silver breaks $41 an ounce (currently $41.14).

Beat a bankster, buy silver.

(original April 11, 2011)

Dr Cornel West interview – Obama is Wall Streets’ black mascot

Professor Cornel West and professor Francis Fox Piven interviewed on GritTV discuss the current state of affairs in America and what the poor and middle class can do about it.

Dr. West has a “gift” for language. Check out the video below in which he refers to “brother Barack Obama” as:

Wall streets’ black mascot

Black puppet of the plutocrats

Bill Clinton (a crass opportunist) in blackface

(original April 9, 2011)

Silver breaks $40 an ounce overnight

Silver set another new 30 year high breaking $40 an ounce ($40.41) while the US dollar drops. Got your silver yet?

(original April 8, 2011)

Mike Maloney – – when to sell

Mike Maloney of video on when to sell silver and when to buy real estate.

The reason Worldwide Ponzi Collapse is a affiliate IS Mike Maloney, buy silver.

(original April 8, 2011)

Worldwide race to debase all paper currency just published a list of most of the worlds’ fiat paper currencies and how much they all lost relative to silver since January 2011. The entire world is in a race to see who can debase their currency the fastest. Buy silver – quickly. – Race to Debase

(original April 7, 2011)

Economic recovery lie – one graph says it all

 You’ve no doubt heard Barack Obama and Stephen Harper mention the fragility of the economic recovery. Its a lie. Not the fragility, the recovery as the chart of the global dow index measured in gold shows.

Where is the economic recovery? Buy silver.

(original April 6, 2011)

Silver breaks $39 an ounce – Canadian election eh?

Silver is over $39 an ounce (39.16) as governments continue trashing currencies in order to mimic a financial recovery. Lets take my country Canada as an example. If you look at the charts below, you will quickly notice that the Canadian dollar and Canadian stocks are quickly dropping.

From November 2009 the Canadian dollar has lost over 38% of its purchasing power. Think you did better with Canadian stocks?

Doesn’t look like a financial recovery to me! Maybe Prime Minister Harper can find it? Every country has the same problem. Here’s the American Dollar:

Yikes! A 55% drop in 17 months. “Yes we can” trash our currency. buy silver! Do it while your currency is still worth “something”.

(original April 5, 2011)

Hyperinflation – Where is the US now?

When will hyperinflation happen? Let’s take a look the the German example measured by an ounce of gold..

Note the "you are here". Change German Marks to American Dollars

(original April 4, 2011)

From November 2009 until now – how worthless is your cash?

The banksters of the world will continue printing until the worldwide ponzi collapses. Exactly how worthless has your money become? Below is a table comparing the worlds’ “premier” currencies (fiat toilet paper) with real money – precious metals (gold in this example).

CurrencySymbol on
Pay Cut
Since 2009
United States
Swiss Franc$XSF.115.07666.07%33.93%

Silver during the same time doubled its’ value. Why would you use this fiat garbage to save (or build) wealth? It is losing value so fast (and accelerating), it makes no sense to hold it for any longer than needed. Buy silver.

(original March 28, 2011)

Hey Brits, Scots, Irish – Resist26 – March 26

Your chance to start taking the United Kingdom back from the banksters has arrived! March 26 – London – Resist26

Resist26! JOIN US ON MARCH 26TH IN LONDON! from Resist26 on Vimeo.

(original March 25, 2011)

Silver breaks $38 an ounce – New 31 year high – again

Silver set a new 31 year high again today smashing $38 an ounce ($38.06). Silver maples purchased for $32 eleven weeks ago are currently selling for over $42. Needless to say, this means the cash and any other paper asset you have has depreciated by a corresponding amount.

Buy silver – don’t wait. It (waiting) is going to get real expensive.

(original March 24, 2011)

Silver breaks $37 an ounce – delays and shortages

Silver is over $37 an ounce today ($37.25), got your physical silver yet? Some dealers are now charging a premium for immediate delivery (or you can wait months for your bullion).

The Ready Store is now one month behind in shipping due to increased demand.

Ultimate Year Supply

(original March 23, 2011)