Saturday, September 17, 2011

The stock market - death of 1000 cuts

Why would I compare the stock market to a slow and painful death? As we've already documented in Worldwide race to debase all paper currency, From November 2009 until now – how worthless is your cash, and Your pay was cut in the last 60 days – worldwide ponzi collapse accelerates, your purchasing power has been steadily eroded (for decades) and the process is accelerating.

This theft by devaluing currency gives the investor a false view of the stock market. Here is the graph of the New York Sock Exchange they want you to watch:

Looks like you've been making money, doesn't it? This is not accounting for the devaluation of the fiat these stocks are measured in. Let's look at the same stock exchange priced in natures economic thermostat, gold:

As you can see, the stock market has been consistently loosing value since September of 2009. Looks like what chart readers call a "head and shoulders" pattern which means a massive correction is imminent.

In case you think it's just one exchange, here's the NASDAQ and S and P:

For those of you who don't believe the worldwide ponzi collapse is worldwide, here's the CAC, the DAX, and the FTSE:

It's not just America and Europe either. Here's Canada, Hong Kong, Bombay, and Brazil.

For those of you who believe China can stop the worldwide ponzi collapse, here's Shanghai:

As you can see it is irrelevant which country, company, culture or currency. It's death by a 1000 cuts to investors in the stock market. The only way out is to protect your purchasing power before it is bled away. Buy gold and silver. As time passes, you'll be able to buy less and less until your fiat is worthless. If you still like stocks, ask yourself this:

Every chart looks identical after June of this year, does that look like a free market or central control?

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  1. Hello I like the article, however would you consider changing the title to Death By a Thousand Cuts? If you change it to some other mode of death you'll see why. If you were to say Death of gunshot or Death of Hanging they don't make sense. Whereas Death BY gunshot or by hanging does. Its possibly just an aesthetic point.

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