Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are you smarter than a Canadian seventh grader?

Was reading Max Keisers' site this morning and he'd posted a youtube video of a 12 year old Canadian, Victoria Grant, addressing the Public Banking in America Conference in Philadelphia.

In the video she explains how Canadian banks, in collusion with the Canadian government, steal billions from Canadians every year. While this is happening everywhere, most Canadians believe (incorrectly) they (and their banks) are immune from bankster fraud.

That's $160 million a day, $60 billion a year in unnecessary interest/taxes/graft!


  1. Nice. How about we start printing our own money again and turn the tables on the Bankers by lending money to THEM for a change. Then they will have to pay interest to US and THEY will be in debt. Once their debt surpasses their GNP, we will own them!

    1. "How about we start printing our own money again"

      Spread the word John, no votes for any politician who supports the status quo! On the other hand, we could all rally on parliament hill, and refuse to move until the only bank the government borrows from is the Bank of Canada.